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How do you feel today?

A bit stiff, achy, tired, not as strong as you used to be? Would you like to feel healthier, fitter and better?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a stronger, more agile body and live without fear of injury.

What about feeling healthy, full of energy and having the confidence to do the things that matter to you the most…. whether you are improving your fitness, enjoying your sports or just working to develop your mobility.

It’s all about learning to move better to live better.    

You want to know how?

It’s all about you and your body - showing you achievable progressions to unlock your full potential.


Moving with ease and control is essential

Developing a baseline of mobility and flexibility, allowing you to move with ease and control is essential before you start to focus on your fitness goals. This stage is crucial for joint health and injury prevention, regardless of age. 

The Move Better Method helps you to build and reinforce fundamental strength using gymnastics, calisthenics and weight training. It focuses on how our bodies are designed to move, helping you to strengthen and develop your functional range of motion.

It’s all about you and your body, it’s about taking what you are capable of doing now and developing achievable progressions to unlock your full potential.

How can I help?

Let me help you to discover what you are truly capable of!

Training. Education. Support.


I am a Personal Trainer and Movement Coach.

For me being a Personal Trainer and Movement coach is not just a job, it’s a passion. 

I help people to move better for all sorts of reasons; to be pain free, to enjoy their hobbies, to excel in their chosen sports, to feel great enabling people to do what they love for many years to come. 

I would like to help you with things that are the most important to you, your health and your lifestyle.


Nurse, Physiotherapist, Young mum, Professional rugby athlete, Teacher, Business owner, Grandad.

My students and their stories.

Thanks to Michal’s MOVE BETTER method, I’ve progressed further than I could ever imagine.
— Lexy Hamson, E and A Nurse

...the intelligent whole body approach that underlies everything. During every session, I have freedom, to be myself, to rediscover what I’m capable of.
— Jemma Hamilton, Project manager

The training is a part of the whole, and the strength and fluidity derived help to underpin everything else. It leaves you feeling grounded and strong, both mentally and physically.
— Philip Culver Evans, Financial advisor