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Personal Training specialising in developing functional strength and the most efficient movement patterns for everyday life and sport performance.

I will help you to unlock you own natural body potential using innovative movement analysis, corrective exercise, functional mobility conditioning,  strength trainingand specifically design programmes to meet your goals.

You will progress quicker thanks to carefully selected step by step progressions for You to achieve great level of performance and keep you injury safe for life.

Let me show you the way to move better, become exceptionally stronger and feel great every day. 




Few good words from my clients, students as well as athletes and movement professionals about me as Personal Trainer. Valuable feedback  about my training methods, progress and  personal training experience. 

Michal is a very knowledgeable coach. Detailed in everything that he does, he is very passionate about improving movement and mobility in the people he trains. 

“I highly recommend training with him, every session you will see development and come away with a greater understanding of your body” - Jaime Webb, Owner CrossFit Exe, Crossfit Coach and Athlete

       “I have met Mike a few years ago and since then he is keep inspiring me. He is passionate about sport and movementand he passed that passion to me too.  In high school I was a quite a good runner, but then for the next 15 years I forgot about athletic until 3 years ago when I met Michal. Thanks to his coaching methods and training programme I have returned to my sport and I have achieved quite high athletic level and started competing in 400 and 800 m. in Masters M35 age group.  He is knowledgeable coach with a big experience in coaching and participating in different sports.
           He is very communicable person with his own unique approach to training sessions. His mobility, mobility and natural movement sessions helping me to go further,  avoid unnecessary injuries and improve my overall performance.

 British Masters Championship 2016800m M 35 silver medallist |
Devon and South West Master Champion in 400m and 800m | South West Veterans Championship M35 400m and 800m championship record holder”.   - Jewgeni Judin | British Master Athlete, Sprinter

A friend recommended me Michal, at first it was just for Natural Movement but then I found out that he did personal training sessions and I haven't looked back. I've had experience with personal trainers before Michal and I never felt like I was progressing in my fitness.

My goals were one, avoid injuries. I constantly dislocate my right shoulder and sprain my ankles.

My second goal was to get better at obstacle course racing with the ultimate goal of completing ninja warrior. 

Thank to Michal's natural movement method, I've progressed further than I could ever imagine. I've not  dislocated my shoulder or sprained my ankle for over a year and I've been training with Michal for that time. My asthma isn't a problem for me anymore, I haven't used my inhaler since I started training with Michal. I've completed three Tough Mudders and two Rock Solid obstacle course race. With each race, I've beaten my previous time and the obstacles are so much easier. Monkey bars were one of the main obstacles I couldn't do but now, I have conquered them and I'm so happy!

I would recommend Michal to anyone.” - Alexandra Hamson - Accident and Emergency Nurse

           Michal has a passion for human movement not 'fitness’. Moving well means feeling well, getting ‘in shape’ comes as a by-product. Most people exercise for something broader than just the attainment of physical fitness; we want to be happy, healthy, avoid chronic illness, have less stress, better mood, more energy and better sleep. But to achieve this we need to do more than 'workout' our bodies require more movement input than traditional exercise programs; most consist of the same movement or limited number of movements, sets and repetitions repeated over and over again; cycling through a very small set of possible joint ranges of motion over and over again. Fitness exercise does not always make every part of us better; what can be good for the mind might be hard on the knees, what can be good for performance might make the back feel fragile, what can be nice for the waistline might cause the pelvic floor to fail.

          Michal's unique approach has a more holistic view of mobility development, joint strength and body control and has led to a working partnership to develop a better model for movement health. But it is his expertise and coaching skills I value as his client; his detailed approach to the body and the wide variety of exercises and novel movements has made my workouts more rewarding and enjoyable; developing my mobility, strength and general fitness while staying injury free and feeling better along the way. I'd highly recommend Michal for any physical and fitness needs.  James Morgan BSc (Hons)    /     HPC Registered Physiotherapist


            I decided to speak to Michal after consulting with Jamie Webb at the crossfit gym in Exeter about ways to fix a back problem and to become more flexible/ have better movement patterns, to be better at rugby. I wanted to invest time in this as I'd been invited into pre season with Exeter chiefs and wanted to be at optimum fitness.

             I saw Michal coaching others and thought I'd give him a shot. Instantly noticed results after the first week, I became much more able to move in ways I had been restricted and felt my joints and tendons become more relaxed through the movement patterns. I felt we really clicked, I have learnt huge amounts to better my training plus I feel Michal and I have become friends and am really looking to continuing the second half of my training with him when university begins again in September. Thomas Rhodes  - Exeter Chiefs Rugby Athlete

Michal is an incredibly hardworking and intuitive coach.....he identifies very quickly where your weaknesses or difficulties with movements lie and gives you exercises to correct them with scaling options so nothing is unachievable..... 
He is very enthusiastic about his work and this shines through when in the coaching environment....Michal could make the most inflexible person flexible….”
Anita French - Crossfit Athlete 

Although I have known Michal for several years now, in his capacity as a free-running companion of my son, it is only in the last few months that I have come to know him as a coach and a friend.
             He was recommended to me as a coach to help with my rehabilitation from a longstanding injury. The fact that he works closely with my physio was a great help, and his coaching started as an extension of my treatment. Beyond that we set some clear goals about why I was training and what I wanted to achieve over what period of time.
            Being somewhat older (50+!) than many of Michal’s clients I have spent many years in gyms. Michal’s approach to whole body wellbeing, core strength, and dynamic movement is to be honest a breath of fresh air, and has helped me regain mobility and strength in a relatively short time, but in a structured way that grew week on week.
            He has a deep interest in personal wellbeing, be it nutrition, health, digestion, or dare I say “spiritual”, that marries extremely well with a down to earth normality that complements the physicality of everything we do while training. The training is a part of the whole, and the strength and fluidity derived helps to underpin the everything else.
            I wish I had embraced this more rounded approach to whole body training 20 years ago. It leaves you feeling grounded and strong, both mentally and physically.
            Having got to know Michal a little more as a person I can attest that I have come to both like and respect him. I believe he is a man of who holds good values, and tries to live them.

 I hope he holds on to that – decent people are of great value. I wish him great luck with his business

 Philip Culver Evans,  Business owner

Michal is an excellent and enthusiastic movement coach who leads by example - he lives what he teaches - always encouraging his students to reach for optimal levels of health and wellbeing. - Jules Yount , Yoga Teacher

 I approached Michal because I wanted to improve my flexibility and strength, so that I could become better at Crossfit. Michal was only to happy to meet with me to talk to me about what he could offer. I was really impressed with his positivity and his explanation of his Movement Health philosophy.
             Michal's classes are fun and relaxed and I have already benefited from increased flexibility and strength, not only for Crossfit but for life in general.  Most importantly Michal practises his own advice daily and is a great example of the Movement Health Method - Claire Westcott, Crossfit Athlete

Michal has a huge enthusiasm for movement and functional training. He brings his knowledge, positive energy and unique spirit to every session and conversation. He's shared valuable training, recovery and injury prevention advice with my two highly athletic sons as well as myself.

Eileen Kieran, full time Mum of  two very active talented boys. 

“I have known Mike now for years since he first started to train my daughter and on occasion, myself. I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation for what Mike has brought to our lives.
    His attitude to life is wonderful, so full of positivity and presence; this clearly influences his coaching and I have never met anyone so committed and passionate about what they do. He always holds his client's welfare with great responsibility; safety and proper procedure are paramount but he also knows how to push enough to get you to break through any barriers. 
    Mike's own personal mission to find out everything about what our bodies are capable of, in a balanced way, makes him in my eyes, a very unique and gifted teacher who will always be focussed on bringing out the best in everyone”

Becky Webber - Massage Therapist