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Personal Training specialising in developing functional strength and the most efficient movement patterns for everyday life and sport performance.

I will help you to unlock you own natural body potential using innovative movement analysis, corrective exercise, functional mobility conditioning,  strength trainingand specifically design programmes to meet your goals.

You will progress quicker thanks to carefully selected step by step progressions for You to achieve great level of performance and keep you injury safe for life.

Let me show you the way to move better, become exceptionally stronger and feel great every day. 




On a daily basis, I am working with many fitness / movement professionals.  

We are passionate about analysing movement and its relationship to the development of pain. This philosophy is at the heart of the Barefoot approach. We can help you understand and treat your injury, help you stay fitter and performing at your optimum for longer!

We working  together on Movement Health Method  to help people to be strong, healthy and injury free for life, no matter if you a regular person who wants to move and feel better or an athlete who wants to improve his performance. 

CrossFit Exe is a first-class fitness training facility and community in Exeter, Devon. The mission of the gym is to physically improve every one of our members and foster an environment to help them reach their potential -   

Great community, movement lab well as place where i use my knowledge to help others via personal training. 

Exeter Gymnastic Club - place where I  am a Head Coach of Freestyle Gymnastics Group and  together with great team of coaches we helping young people chase and achieve safely their movement dreams.             

Place where I constantly develop my coaching and training skills via courses, qualifications and training with professional gymnastic athletes and coaches.