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Personal Training specialising in developing functional strength and the most efficient movement patterns for everyday life and sport performance.

I will help you to unlock you own natural body potential using innovative movement analysis, corrective exercise, functional mobility conditioning,  strength trainingand specifically design programmes to meet your goals.

You will progress quicker thanks to carefully selected step by step progressions for You to achieve great level of performance and keep you injury safe for life.

Let me show you the way to move better, become exceptionally stronger and feel great every day. 





Functional Training Specialist and Personal Trainer

I believe in inspiring people to make a positive change in their lifestyle to move better, feel better and live better; resulting in a healthy body and mind. I can work with you to restore and maintain a high level of sustainable, injury-free, exceptional fitness for many years to come.



I believe in training that promotes movement longevity which allows you to do what you love doing the most ( sport, fitness or just everyday life activities ) for many years to come, pain free while feeling great.


Training program based on Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Heavy weights focusing on:

  • helping you to maintain a level of sustainable, injury free, exceptional fitness and healthy, good looking body for many years to come.
  • bulletproofing your body and preparing your for the trials that life/sport may bring,



Training based on Movement Health method. A well structured, evidence-based training method that focuses on:

  • developing great mobility and movement control,
  • improving overall strength and joint health, 
  • restoring functional range of motion,
  • fixing common sports and life ( age ) related injuries,
  • suitable for all, regardless of age or ability. 

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Brand new studio in the heart of exeter!

  • very airy and full of light studio design for 1on1 HQ  experience
  • new high quality equipment
  • easy to find location
  • free hot drinks and snacks
    • coffee, selection of teas
    • healthy snack 
  • Shower, changing rooms, toilets and small kitchen. 


Other services available: 

  • PHYSIOTHERAPY -  highly experience evidence based  Physiotherapist James Morgan ( the owner ) who can help you with any injuries and movement related problems.
  • Sports massage - Accessible massage therapy 

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Doesn't matter where you are, gym, home, traveling.  Access your workout routines and learning materials instantly via Mobile app.  Crystal clear videos to help you perform your exercises correctly. Complete your exercises anytimeanywhere.


Weekly updates and ongoing feedback  to make sure that you are on the right path.Track you progress, stay motivated and reach your goals faster.


Guesswork is out, a better you is in. Detailed step by step progressions and high quality videos to ensure safe good progress and life long lasting results.

Mike is a conscientious and diligent trainer who finds out about his clients needs and adapts his training to suit them. I’d recommend him for anyone who takes their training seriously. - Geoff Parling - EXETER CHIEFS ATHLETE

"Thanks to Michal's, I've progressed further than I could ever imagine. I've not dislocated my shoulder or sprained my ankle for over a year and a half and I've been training with Michal for that time. My asthma isn't a problem for me anymore, I haven't used my inhaler since I started training with Michal. I've completed three Tough Mudders and two Rock Solid obstacle course race.

I would recommend Michal to anyone.” - Alexandra Hamson - Accident and Emergency Nurse

Michal is an incredibly hardworking and intuitive coach.....he identifies very quickly where your weaknesses or difficulties with movements lie and gives you exercises to correct them with scaling options so nothing is unachievable..... 
He is very enthusiastic about his work and this shines through when in the coaching environment....Michal could make the most inflexible person flexible….”
 Anita French - Crossfit Athlete 

"Beyond that we set some clear goals about why I was training and what I wanted to achieve over what period of time.
            Being somewhat older (50+!) than many of Michal’s clients I have spent many years in gyms. Michal’s approach to whole body wellbeing, core strength, and dynamic movement is to be honest a breath of fresh air, and has helped me regain mobility and strength in a relatively short time, but in a structured way that grew week on week." - 
Philip Culver Evans,  Business owner